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According to OSHA the common workplace injuries, throughout the country are about three million every year. The Bureau of Statistics breaks it down and approximately 8,000 workplace injuries per day, 350 per hour, or six injuries per minute occur. Work-related injuries cause pain, time off from work, which causes wage loss and inconvenience.

The injuries that occur at a work place are head, neck, foot, and back injuries, falls or tripping, accident injuries from walking into something or being hit with falling objects or even flying debris depending on your workplace or even overexertion when lifting, pulling, throwing, holding or carrying heavy objects. You can also experience back pain, neck pain, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, nerve pain, shoulder pain, headaches, strains, headaches, nerve damage, muscle injuries, tendonitis, ligament injuries, etc.

After a work place injury it is important to seek treatment. Chiropractic care is a great option for treatment of chronic pain and muscle strains. Unlike medical professionals, Chiropractors do not use invasive treatment or medication, which could cause longer recovery times or side effects. Chiropractors also get to the root of your issue rather than just treat the surface issues.

Chiropractic treatments not only help with your immediate issue, it can also help reduce your risk of obtaining future work-related injuries.

At Health & Rehab Chiropractic, Dr. Brandon Czekaj will ask what your specific complaint is, such as back pain, he then work with you to find the root cause of the condition. Usually Dr. Czekaj starts by asking questions about your lifestyle, what type of work you do, and other factors that may contribute to the pain you are experiencing. He will also ask for a personal and family medical history. If Dr. Czekaj feels it is necessary he will do an X-ray. Dr. Czekaj also checks your flexibility, posture, strength and movement of joints. Dr. Czekaj then goes over all the information and results using his experience and education to create an individualized treatment plan to help you get back to the quality of life you want. This chiropractic care treatment program will include spinal adjustments, therapeutic modalities, exercise program, rehabilitative therapy and/or traction.

Health & Rehab Chiropractic goal is to get you back to normal activities, have optimal health, and make you a happy patient.


What is good for a work injury?

Chiropractic along with physical therapy can help with work, auto accident and sports injuries. The approach of a chiropractic treatment is noninvasive. Chiropractors do comprehensive treatments because they want to get to the bottom of what is causing the condition.

How long after an injury should you see a chiropractor?

You should get to a chiropractor as soon as you can after an injury so that you do not make the issue worse.

Can a chiropractor help with soft tissue injury?

Yes. Chiropractors are skilled at addressing the injured area and creating a custom treatment plan. Depending on your injury, your chiropractor may use passive motions to relax your muscles and relieve pain, which will increase your mobility. He or She will give you special exercises to gain flexibility, balance, strength and a larger range of motion. A chiropractic adjustment can help with spinal conditions. The pain from your soft tissue injury may go away but it is not finished healing. Majority of soft tissue injuries take four to eight weeks for recovery. If you start your activity too soon, it will take even longer for the soft tissue injury to heal.

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