Rehab Therapy

Rehabilitation Therapy

At Health & Rehab Chiropractic, we give patient-centered care and provide various rehabilitative services. Chiropractic rehabilitation assesses and treats many medical conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Dr. Czekaj is a Board Certified Chiropractor, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practioner®, and Certified in Kennedy Decompression Technique. Dr. Czekaj continued his education since becoming a chiropractor and has taken classes in physical therapy treatment. The first thing that Dr. Brandon Czekaj does when you come to see us is a comprehensive evaluation of any limitations you may be experiencing and the areas of pain. The comprehensive assessment that is done includes postural and biomechanical assessments to diagnose your problem. Each treatment plan is designed especially for you and your needs and goals. We do manual therapy along with personalized exercises, rehabilitation therapy , and provide the highest standard of care for each individual patient. The ultimate goal is to return you to all your normal functional activities.

We care for patients and develop a personalized home therapeutic exercise program that will allow you to stay healthy and improve your rehabilitation.

Dr. Czekaj has taken care of patients that have all types of injuries such as sports injuries, motorized vehicle injuries, work-related injuries. Back pain is one of the most common areas of pain. It is usually in the lower back, the lumbar spine, and according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) it is the leading cause of disability throughout the world. The ACA also noted that Americans spend about 50 billion dollars a year on back treatments. Back pain is the leading reason why people miss work and it can also lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, headaches and more.

With chiropractic rehabilitation, Dr. Czekaj can diagnose the underlying cause and correct these problems with rehabilitation. Your constant pain may be found in your 24 vertebrae. During chiropractic rehabilitation Dr. Czekaj may take advantage of chiropractic adjustments along with non-invasive, drug free methods to alleviate your pain, while fixing the reason for your initial problem. Adjustments can realign your spine to its proper position, improve posture, gain better flexibility and range of motion, and diminish your symptoms. Even though Dr. Czekaj is not a physical therapist, he does incorporate many methods in rehabilitation that are similar to physical therapy. In the FAQ section it explains the differences with rehabilitation therapy and physical therapy.

If need be, we will consult with your employer and case manager. During your therapy we will work hard to help you return to all your normal activities.


What is the meaning of rehabilitation therapy?

Rehabilitation therapy is a healing process, which is in a medical environment that helps a patient regain strength and restore their physical, mental and/or cognitive abilities, so that they can return to a quality of life they want.

What is the main purpose of rehabilitation?

The main purpose of rehabilitation is to work with the patient who are suffering from pain, restricted movement or injury so that they can get back, keep, or improve their daily life.

What are the benefits of rehabilitation?

Some of the benefits of rehabilitation therapy are: lessens pain and discomfort so you can be more active and enjoy life, helps restore you to your pre-injury status, strengthens your muscles, improves coordination, balance and flexibility, reduce swelling in your affected joints/muscles, corrects your posture and gait, and alleviate chronic pain.

What is the difference between a chiropractor and physical therapist?

Both are highly trained healthcare professionals. Both a chiropractor and physical therapist must be trained at a doctoral level and pass licensing examinations before they can legally practice. They also have the same focus on nonsurgical and drug-free treatment. Chiropractors look at the entire musculoskeletal and nervous systems and can evaluate, diagnose and treat disorders and injuries. They do not just treat the spine. They can treat joints, tendons, muscles and nerves. They can treat whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, preventive care for pregnant women, sports injuries, and headaches.

Physical therapists treat conditions or injuries of the whole body as related to the body's strength, mobility and function. They focus on restoring the patient to maximum function through physical therapy services. As an example, if a patient needs to relearn how to walk after a stroke, use a prosthetic limb or get strength back after surgery.

To better understand the differences you need to look at the treatment methods they offer. A chiropractor can conduct tests, take x-rays and do physical exams; assess posture and spinal alignment; use heat and cold therapy for pain and promote healing; conduct therapeutic ultrasound to improve soft tissue injuries; do soft tissue mobilization or massage; use spinal traction, give electrical nerve stimulation; and recommend improvements on lifestyle and nutrition. Spinal adjustments are performed to help improve spinal alignment and relieve stress. In most cases a physician referral is not required by the insurance provider.

Physical therapists review a patient's medical history and symptoms. They do patient assessments, like observing how a patient moves or how specific body parts function. Based on what they discover they will develop a comprehensive physical therapy program. Some of the methods they use are passive and active stretches and exercises; therapeutic ultrasound; joint mobilization techniques; dry needling; hot and cold therapy; massage therapy; train for using of assistance devices, orthotics and prosthetics; kinesiology taping; and light therapy.

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