How much does a chiropractor cost in Virginia?

You can ask anyone about the cost of their health insurance and the coverage they receive and see that medical healthcare insurance is not cheap.  Besides the premiums being high, we have to worry about deductibles and copays.  According to Blue Cross, for a routine wellness check the cost can be anywhere from $160-$330, depending on age.  Now, for an adult office visit for common illnesses or conditions, such as lower back pain, sinus infection, sore throat, etc. can cost between $130-$180 per visit, for children the cost can be $115-160 per visit.

Usually, when you go to a medical doctor, they usually prescribe medication for your condition.  Many prescriptions are to ease pain that you are experiencing and those can become addictive.  Painkillers do not fix the underlying problem that is the cause of the pain in the first place.  What happens is you get temporary relief from the pain and then after a while the pain returns, you go back to the doctor, you get back on pain medication and the cycle continues.  You end up on a merry-go-round with medical care.  According to the New York Times, premiums, copays for outpatient care or inpatient care copays, and out-of-pocket expenses have gone up considerably over the past few years.

A Chiropractor is More Cost-effective than Medical Care.

Just like a medical doctor, chiropractic doctors are licensed professionals.  Now, look at chiropractic cost per visit.   For an initial visit, with a consultation and examination, the cost can range from $85 to $153.  If x-rays are necessary, the cost can range from $44 to $159.  For a follow-up visit a chiropractic treatment could range from $34 to $106, depending on where you live.  The average cost of a chiropractic adjustment is $65 per visit. Chiropractors sometime offer discounts for consultation costs, which includes a complete examination and care plan.  They do this because their goal is to help you get relief from the pain you are experiencing AND they want to fix what is causing the problem.  Chiropractic treatment is not a “quick-fix” to your pain, it will take some time, depending on how severe your pain/injury is but, in the end, the manual manipulations will treat the cause of the pain.

Most health insurance plans cover some chiropractic level of care.  Like medical expenses, chiropractic care expenses are tax-deductible.  Many chiropractic offices accept insurance and have payment plans available.

A study done in 2007, compared costs to patients using chiropractors as their primary care physicians to medical doctor care.  This study involved 70,000 member-months spanning a seven-year period.  The results of the study showed that “hospital admissions were decreased by 60.2%, cost of days of care spent in the hospital were decreased by 59%, outpatient surgeries decreased by 62%, and prescription drug costs decreased by 85% compared to conventional medically driven care.”

Insurance providers and medical doctors are recognizing the benefit of chiropractic care is beneficial and cost-effective in treatment of neck and low back pain. If you have never gone to a chiropractor then it is time to check out the care you get from a chiropractic health care provider.  Next time you need to see a doctor, consider your personal goals for a healthy body, and your wallet and go to a chiropractor. You will find out that a chiropractor can treat more than just neck and back pain.

What does Chiropractic Care Cost Without Insurance?

The average cost for chiropractic visits for someone without healthcare insurance can range between $100-$150 but, depending on where you live you can pay as little as $60 per visit to as high as $200 per visit.

Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic care?

Medicare does cover chiropractic services if you are diagnosed with a spinal subluxation.  Majority of back problems comes from a spinal subluxation.