Fall is here!

Getting ready for Autumn

Students, teachers and parents are now in the routine of back to school and now is the time to get ready for autumn. This season gives us beautiful colors of autumn leaves and brings us the new television season, football season, soccer season, the start of hockey season, flu season, raking leaves, temperatures dropping, daylight getting shorter and the start of the holiday seasons.

This is the time of year that you are checking the weather conditions before heading out to start your day. You need to know if you need a jacket, umbrella, boots, etc. If you drive to work you might want to make sure you have an emergency supplies kit in your vehicle.

This also is the time of year to be careful driving and walking on wet leaves which can be slippery or cover hidden hazards. You need to be aware of fog, frost, and sun glare that can temporarily blind you, which can cause accidents, along with deer that are mating and migrating at this time of year.

Be mindful of the type of costume you or your children wear for Halloween. Make sure that if there is a mask involved that you can see out of it properly, and make sure that there are no trip hazards with your costume.

Autumn is the time when a lot of us make sure our furnaces are running properly, winterize the air conditioning, check the smoke detectors and change the batteries, put away the summer clothes and bring out the warmer clothes.

Autumn is also the season that we need to get ourselves ready for the colder weather. According to Chinese medicine, this is the season when the lungs are believed to harbor sadness and grief and are the most vulnerable. The colder, dry weather starts to constrict the lungs. This season also brings sports injuries and injuries from raking leaves or falling on wet leaves.

You need to put yourself first and keep stress, depression and injuries at bay. Don’t wait until you have an injury or become overwhelmed.  Let your chiropractor help you get and stay healthy. If you haven’t been in for an adjustment, now is a good time to do so. The goal at Health & Rehab Chiropractic is to be well and stay well.