Centreville Chiropractor Gives Back To The Community

We believe in GIVING BACK. Dr. Brandon Czekaj is a Centreville chiropractor who strongly feels that when we are in a position to have achieved so much, the best gift at this point is giving back to the community.

With this aim to serve Centreville community, Dr Czekaj has joined hands with Doctors for Health and Wellness foundation. DHW foundation is a progressive, helpful force of hundreds of other wellness physicians across North America that provides a spectrum of free of cost, complimentary services to large corporations, small businesses and the community at large. Various initiatives taken include “health screenings, Lunch-and-Learn lectures, public wellness talks, corporate wellness days, and many more health-promotion venues”.

We are a family-oriented chiropractic clinic with roots within the community, and believe that without the support of our community we simply would not be in business. With this inspiration, Dr Czekaj strives to provide highly beneficial chiropractic services to Centreville community that encompass health fairs, Lunch& Learn events and chair massage occasions for different businesses, schools, churches or community fairs.


Free Chair Massages

We recognize that the path to health and wellness has many tributaries involving many practices. Therefore we take a holistic approach to wellness including; information, diagnosis and chiropractic care, along with our other services, we also provide the service of massage therapy.

Massage is a key component of wellness program, particularly with a practitioner who looks holistically at your problems. A good massage under professional care can stimulate the lymphatic drainage and boost your immunity as well as controls the hormone-cortisol, which is responsible for high stress levels. With massage, the levels of pleasure or happy hormones (dopamine and serotonin) increase in your body, and you not only feel relaxed but also are more enabled to make better decisions, it also increases your focus and improves your sleep and over all functioning. Dr. Czekaj chiropractic offers free chair massages at different community, businesses and other local events. So you can reap benefits of a health revitalizing massage without the stress of the associated cost.

Lunch & Learn Events

The Lunch & Learn events give an opportunity for the participants to attend a wellness event in their work or school environment. The services provided include complimentary wellness spinal screening, advice on good posture, simple exercises protect your lower back and neck and we also bring lunch or coffee for each participant. We realize that how working hard every day may become monotonous and can impact a person’s productivity and our sessions not only give them a much needed break for the day and at the same time give them useful information about how they can be more healthy, fit and more productive while sitting for long hours on their desks. Dr Czekaj is especially focused and passionate about talking and motivating people to become more motivated, empowered and proactive about their health decisions.

School Programs

In addition, speaking at “Health Days” at different local schools is another way that Dr. Czekaj, a Centreville chiropractor is involved in the community. We talk to children how our body works and how to take care of it. Dr Czekaj is a great sports lover and has a personal history of an injury encountered during playing hockey. This injury, after being failed by many other treatments, eventually benefited from the expertise of a chiropractor, this experience sowed the seeds of passion about chiropractic practice in him. So, he loves sharing with children his own experiences as well as why chiropractic is such a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Health Fairs

Community get together events like a health fair also gives an opportunity to communicate with large groups pf people in a single interaction. Dr. Czekaj uses such events to give a 15-25 minute talk (depending on what times allows)on varied topics that include importance of good posture, do not ignore your pain, managing stress, reducing sick days, increasing productivity, increasing energy, , etc. It is a great opportunity to deliver a short and direct message about health to a large group of people, while them enjoying a good family time. In addition, we also bring our state of the art technology to these events and carry out complimentary health assessments for the people. These advanced technologies let us make on the spot assessments about your spinal and nervous system issues. This quick diagnosis is an effective way to educate in a short amount of time and chart out a chiropractic management plan according to your needs.

If you have an upcoming event in your church, school or workplace, we can set up a station where people attending can receive information, fill out health and stress surveys, take self- tests for nerve damage and postural problems, and participate in a Q&A session with Dr. Czekaj. We may also arrange demos for various chiropractic techniques Graston technique and Kinesiotape.

Give us a buzz

If you would like to schedule Dr. Brandon Czekaj to attend or participate at your place of business or event please contact (703) 877-0787.